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"CNRS-Higher Education chairs" program


CNRS hosts associate professors, within the framework of the « CNRS-Higher Education chairs » program.

This program aims to attract talented young researchers to thematically defined positions chosen by CNRS and the universities according to a joint scientific strategy.

The candidates, chosen jointly by the universities and by CNRS, by joint selection panels, will be recruited by the universities as Associate Professors and will be hosted by CNRS.

These chair positions will thus enable assistant professors to devote five years to a research project which they will carry out within an appropriate scientific environment, while also developing their pedagogical skills through a teaching schedule limited to a third of their time.

In addition to their salaries, the « CNRS-Higher Education chairs » will also receive a substantial bonus and funding to support their research.

These positions are not only open to young candidates for their first associate professor position, but also to tenured professors asking to be transfered and to researchers wishing to convert to teaching positions.


Application procedures are the same as for associate professor positions, and therefore require that a candidate be “qualified” by the Higher Education board .


No chair positions opened for 2013











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