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NEO - A learning tool for newcomers                                         


To log in to NEO:



The NEO application

 Neo is a leaning application, the purpose of which is to provide safety training to newcomers in CNRS units. This bilingual learning tool (in French and English) is a web-based application for PC or Mac operating systems.


 NEO currently offers 4 training modules:

  • Prevention (what? who? where? how?)
  • Fire risk
  • Chemical risk
  • Biological risk


Each course lasts around 45 minutes and ends with a test, to check that the content has been understood. When the course has been completed, the newcomer is issued with a training certificate, via their health and safety officer.



Help for users:

For help with content-related issues: contact your health and safety officer.

For help with technical issues:



Downloadable documents:

  Plaquette d'aide au démarrage NEO pour les nouveaux entrants (pdf - 924 Ko)

  NEO Presentation for newcomers (pdf - 924 Ko)


  Guide utilisateur pour les Nouveaux Entrants (30 slides - 2,2 Mo)

  User guide for Newcomers (30 slides - 2,2 Mo)



Additional documents for NEO administrators (health and safety officers, regional health and safety engineers) are available on the CNPS intranet – Click HERE

(If you are unable to access this page, please contact your regional health and safety engineer)



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