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Recruitment of researchers by contract leading to permanent positions


Campaign recruitment of researchers by contract leading to permanent positions 2015



For the recruitment by contract under Article 27 of (amended) Act n° 84-16 concerning certain arrangements for recruitment into the civil service, the list of laboratories and research topics concerned will be available online beginning February 2015.

As soon as registrations open, it will be possible to download applications from this website, paper applications will be available either from CNRS regional offices or from the Meudon Recruitment Service.


The general conditions of access prior to recruitment are specified in (amended) Decree No. 95-979 of August 25, 1995 concerning the recruitment of disabled workers into the civil service.

The recruitment procedure by contract is designed to facilitate the recruitment of young scientists with disabilities. It enables recruitment for contractual positions for a one-year period, renewable once, which can lead to permanent status. It is an additional, exceptional means of entering the civil service and does not replace the competitive recruitment process which is the standard and preferred means of recruitment.

In line with the requirements of the general regime for the competitive recruitment of researchers, the assessment of candidates for contractual positions is undertaken by the relevant sections of the National Committee.

List of laboratories


Please find below a list of labs [PDF] identified by CNRS institutes as offering vacancies for disabled researchers, as well as a list of topics for research proposals.

This list may change. Please check it regularly.


  • Institute of chemistry (INC)
  • Institute of physics
  • Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB)
  • Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (INSHS)


Application procedure

If you want to apply for a position in one of the research areas covered by these laboratories, you can download the application form [PDF] or contact either the relevant regional office at the address provided on the human resources department website, or the Meudon Recruitment Service (see address below) to obtain a paper copy.

An information leaflet [PDF] to read before completing the file can also be downloaded.


NB: All files available for download require "Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0".
IT is not possible to complete your application online. Applications must be filled out by hand.


Please attach all requested documentation and send the complete application file to the Meudon

Recruitment Service, where all applications should be submitted:


CNRS – Direction des ressources humaines
Service central des concours
1, place Aristide Briand
92190 MEUDON


You have until February 28, 2014 included the stamp postmark, to transmit your file.

You will find below the schedule for the 2014 recruitment procedure:


3 February to 28th February Submission of Applications
March 10 to April 25 Selection of candidates to be interviewed by the National Committee
May 12 to July 4 Interviews of pre-selected candidates
First half of July (define) Proposal for candidate selection by the 'commission d'interclassement'
November 1 Start of contract (one-year contract)


Nb : Recruitment by contract is not open to candidates who are already French civil servants. Candidates must fulfill degree requirements and other requirements for recruitment as a French civil servant. If these conditions are not met or an application file is incomplete, the application will be rejected and the candidate will be notified. This recruitment is open to all nationalities.


Important! To ensure the smooth running of your hearing if you are shortlisted, thank you thinking about the state of your application needs special accommodations related to a disability.


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