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Alain Fuchs

A word from the president


In 2017, CNRS will be recruiting as many as 297 researchers, which bears testimony to our organization's commitment to being a major actor in the worldwide knowledge-based economic race. This battle will be fought alongside those - biologists, chemists, physicists, geographers and economists - who wish to pursue a research career within our prestigious institution.

By joining CNRS, you will work in one of our 1200 laboratories throughout France and across the five continents. You will participate in major scientific programs - whether national, European or international - and contribute to developing tomorrow's scientific instruments.

Through its ten scientific institutes of national and international scope, CNRS covers all fields of research: humanities and social sciences, mathematics, physics, chemistry, particle and high energy physics, engineering, biology, information sciences, earth sciences and astronomy, ecology and the environment. Its mission is to push back the boundaries of knowledge, with constant concern for society’s expectations and a will to find answers to today's crucial issues – climate change, energy resources, new technologies, as well as financial insecurity, economic crisis and globalization. CNRS is at the heart of all major research challenges and is increasing its efforts to develop cutting edge technology, which is essential to the economic development of our country.

In choosing CNRS, you will become part of an institution that strengthens interdisciplinarity and reinforces existing links with universities, its historic partners, Grandes Ecoles and other research organizations. Within the framework of the French government's Investments for the Future program, CNRS participates in the creation of pluridisciplinary university campuses of international scope.

Within any team, laboratory or very large-scale facility, you will become part of an environment that encourages creativity, openness and initiative. You will elaborate new scientific projects and technologies, while enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with industry or with major international organizations. You will be able to rely on top-quality management services and highly professional staff.

You will also discover the many resources of our organization and its capacity to modernize its administration, develop partnerships with the business world, implement an audacious international policy and make its results accessible to as many audiences as possible.

To remain a world leader, CNRS needs your scientific skills, human qualities, creativity and dynamism. By joining us, you will contribute to the prestige of French research and add yet another stone to the great edifice of universal knowledge.



Alain Fuchs


28 novembre 2016

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